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Australian Conference
Russel, A.B.M. and Khan, A.I. (2006). "Towards Dynamic Data Grid Framework for eResearch". In Proc. Fourth Australasian Symposium on Grid Computing and e-Research (AusGrid 2006), Hobart, Australia. CRPIT, 54. Buyya, R. and Ma, T., Eds. ACS. 9-16. Abstract CRPITV54Russel.pdf
International Conference
Nguyen, H and Abramson, D. Bethwaite, B., Dinh, M., Enticott, C., Firth, S., Garic, S., Harper, I., Lackmann, M., Russel, A.B.M, Schek, S. and Vail, M. “Integrating Scientific Workflows and Large Tiled Display Walls: Bridging the Visualization Divide”, Fourth International Workshop on Parallel Programming Models and Systems Software for High-End Computing (P2S2), co-located with 2011 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP-2011), Taipei, Taiwan September 13-16, 2011. Abstract OptiPortal ICPP 2011.pdf
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Russel, A.B.M. and Bevinakoppa, S.: "Predicting the Performance of Data Transfer in a Grid Environment". In Chin-Sheng Chen, Joaquim Filipe, Isabel Seruca, José Cordeiro, editors, ICEIS 2005, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Miami, USA, May 25-28, 2005. pages 176-181, 2005. Abstract
Journal Article
Pettit, C.J., Williams, S., Bishop, I.D., Aurambout, J., Russel, A.B.M., Michael, A., Sharma, S., Hunter, D., Chan, P., Enticott, C.M., Borda, A., Abramson, D.A., 2013, “Building an ecoinformatics platform to support climate change adaptation in Victoria”, Future Generation Computer Systems, vol 29, issue 2, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam Netherlands, pp. 624-640. Abstract From Elsevier 

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