Scheduling Multiple Parameter Sweep Workflow Instances On The Grid

Smanchat, S., Indrawan, M., Ling S., Enticott, C. and Abramson, D. "Scheduling Multiple Parameter Sweep Workflow Instances on the Grid" IEEE e-Science 2009, Dec 9 - 11th, Oxford, UK.
Due to its ability to provide high-performance computing environment, grid has become an important infrastructure to support eScience. To utilise the grid for parameter sweep experiments, workflow technology combined with tools such as Nimrod/K are used to orchestrate and automate scientific services provided on the grid. As parameter sweep workflow needs to be executed numerous times, it is more efficient to execute multiple instances of parameter sweep workflow in parallel. However, this parallel execution can be delayed as every workflow instance requires the same set of resources leading to resource competition problem. Although many algorithms exist for scheduling grid workflow, there is little effort in considering multiple workflow instances and resource competition in the scheduling process. In this paper, we proposed a scheduling algorithm for parameter sweep workflow based on resource competition. The proposed algorithm aims to support multiple workflow instances and avoid allocating resources with high resource competition to minimise delay due to the blocking of tasks. The result is evaluated using simulation to compare with the existing scheduling algorithm.