Determination Of Protein Structure

Structural biology research places significant demands upon computing and informatics infrastructure. Protein production, crystallization and X-ray data collection require solutions to data management, annotation, target tracking and remote experiment monitoring. Structure elucidation is computationally demanding and requires user-friendly interfaces to high-performance computing resources. The DART project, extended as the Archer project, has developed informatics solutions for each stage in the structural biology pipeline, from DNA cloning through to protein structure determination. This infrastructure will be pivotal for accelerating the process of structural discovery. Details here.




International Conference
Faux N., Beitz A., Bate M., Amin A. A., Atkinson I., Enticott C., Mahmood K., Swift M., Treloar A., Abramson D., Whisstock J. C., and Buckle A. M., “eResearch Solutions for High Throughput Structural Biology”, The 3rd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Bangalore, India, 10-13 December 2007, CS Press, pp 221-227. Abstract buckle-protein.pdf

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